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Bee Flies: The Impersonators
Bee fly, any insect of the family Bombyliidae (order Diptera). Many resemble bees, and most have long proboscises (feeding organs) that are used to obtain nectar from flowers. Their metallic brown, black, or yellow colour is attributable to a covering of dense hair; in many species the body and sometimes the wings bear patches of delicate and easily abraded scales. Some bee flies are quite small, and their immature stages are unknown. Many species, including the largest and most showy, are tropical; but some species with a length of more than 1 cm (0.4 inch) live in temperate regions. They are usually found on flowers around sunny, grassy places.
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Crown Lynn Vases
Crown Lynn was one of New Zealand’s most important companies, producing hundreds of thousands of ceramics each week. Its wares were in almost every New Zealand home and were exported to the United States, Australia and Canada. The company played a vital part in the economy and social fabric of West Auckland and New Lynn in particular.
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